Photographer - Ryan

My name is Ryan and I am a Photographer, Student Nurse and Lifeguard/Swimming Instructor based in Wellington.

I run a portable studio out of my home which can also be taken to client locations. I love landscape photography, it is actually how I got into photography. However, having opportunities to shoot events and have a play around in studio, I have found a passion for portraits. Playing around with lighting is my ambition in my work, whether it be ambient lighting or flash photography. Since investing in studio strobes, a new door has opened for me in the work I am able to do, but also in my approach to photography.

Most of my subjects at High School were arts based including Painting, Design, Photography and Graphics. I also began a Bachelor of Design in 2012, however decided to pursue other career options.

I love photography, and my interest in it continues to grow while pursuing ways to improve my work. I feel that of all  media, still photography can capture a moment like no other and my ambition is to capture that moment in every frame. My intention is to continue building my landscape portfolio and expand my portrait portfolio into areas such as Wedding, Family and Event Photography.

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